New Hampshire Real Estate-Spring Hampston (our NH log cabin) is for sale!

We are selling our North Haverhill, Mountain Lakes-NH, log cabin so we can move to a retirement community. Our home for sale is located in Mountain Lakes, a recreational community in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. If you are looking on a map, the two closest villages are North Haverhill and Woodsville. We also have an airplane (Cessna 182) and hangar (just a 5 minute drive from the house). The house can be furnished, if you'd prefer that.

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I hope gardeners will visit to get gardening information and ideas. I post monthly chores as well as give an idea of what's happening in my garden as the year evolves. It is geared toward Northern New England gardens. I hope you'll visit often!

Friday, August 19, 2011


We have put our names on the list to get into a retirement community. It appears our wait for an opening is over. It will be an expensive transition and we would like to have our house sold in a timely manner. Hence, this BLOG!
If you would know anyone (including yourself) who might be interested in a log home here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, we hope you will direct them to us! Our home is tucked into an area of small villages with farms, little white churches with steeples, and all the wonderful things that New England is known for. You’ll find all kinds of photo’s here of Spring Hampston to help you understand what a special place it is. Please feel free to give this URL ( to anyone you feel might be interested and they can see all the pertinent details for themselves.
Visit the blog, find out the details and then give us a call or drop us an email!
On to our next great adventure!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Spring Hampston living room
Originally uploaded by North Country Maturing Gardener.
Here is the first of our photo's. This is the living room with the chandelier from "All About Marriage" that we saw at the Hartford Stage in Hartford, CT. Joel knew it was perfect for our log home so we bargained with the Prop's group and they finally allowed us to buy it. Joel wired it, as it had just been lighted by stage lighting.
You will also note the huge stone (heat-a-lator) fireplace, with glass doors. Joel constructed that with help from ALL our family and guests who carried in stones from all over our property. There is an equally large fireplace in the basement sitting room.
The mantle is from an old barn that blew down in a storm. You can also see the corner of the loft, high and to the right.

Entering the house at ground level you will find a very pleasant sitting room with a beautiful stone 'heat-a-lator' fireplace.

There is a bathroom on this level which contains a washer and dryer.
There is a bedroom with a set of built-in, extra long bunks. The bunks have built in drawers for storage. There is a storage room with a pantry, as well as a cedar closet to store 'off season' clothing.

On the main level, the living room (pictured above) with it's beautiful large stone 'heat-a-lator' fireplace, is the cental attraction. There is a dining area here as well.
It might be noted that we just installed Hunter Douglas window treatments in the living and dining areas, including one for the slider to the deck.
The kitchen is a typical 'log house retro' kitchen. There are many cabinets and counters to handle all of your appliances. It has a dishwasher and a rubbish compactor.
On this level there is a full bathroom, with tub. We have a study, which was at one time the master bedroom. There are two large desks for 'his and her' computers in this room and lots of built-in bookshelves.

Continue and you will enter our "bedroom suite". We added this area when we retired. It has another bathroom with a large shower, sink and of course, toilet. This bathroom has a skylight flooding the room with very pleasant light.
The bedroom accommodate's a king-sized bed plus a bureau on either side. There are two large closets for this bedroom. There is a skylight above the bed offering a wonderful, night-time view of the stars! (Were you to go outside and around to this new wing, you will find a storage room directly below. This storage room is quite large and very helpful for whatever storage needs you might have. It is clean and bright.)

From the living room, you climb the stairs
to the upper level of the house. In this loft are two bedrooms, as well as two low storage closets (one per bedroom). The one bedroom is open and overlooks the living room. This bedroom has 3 built-in, extra long bunks with draws installed under each one. The top bunk has a built-in rail to keep little people from falling out!
The closed bedroom up here, has a built-in king-sized bed, also with storage drawers.
There is wall to wall carpeting through-out on the main floor, both sets of stairs, and in the upstairs bedrooms. The kitchen has commercial grade vinyl flooring. All of the bathrooms have ceramic tile floors.

The house is heated with propane gas, fired by a Carrier furnace.

The workshop which occupies the entire space over the two-car garage

is also heated with propane gas.
The roof on the main house was redone with 30 year shingles, in the summer of 2005.
There is a two-car garage with ample storage at the front and sides. Each garage has it's own electrical door. There is a circular driveway with room for extra parking.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Here is a photo of some phlox right outside the kitchen door. In early spring phlox appears ALL over the property, That was my plan because I knew as I aged I would not be able to keep planting "stuff", so they are now doing what perennials do.
There is a large perennial bed down at the intersection of Valley Road and Gateway Drive.

The land within the circular drive is loaded with daffodils. There are other small gardens in various areas.
To the side of the house, next to the new addition, there is a blueberry patch with 7 blueberry bushes. There is also some rhubarb there. Blueberry gardenThis patch is surrounded by varigated hosta. Foxglove abounds as well.
I have attempted to "install" a wildflower meadow. The lupines there are gradually increasing.
There is a little stream that runs right next to our lot. No one will be able to build there because of the stream, so there it is, for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Here you can see the play area down at the beaches. It's a wonderful place for the kids to work off some pent up energy! It's easy to have kids swimming or at the playground while you and your family relax in the sun!
There are canoes and rowboats as well as paddle boats available for a nominal rental fee.
There are two lakes. I show one with the playground in the foreground. Relax at the beach! The other one shows the beach in the forefront. The trees indicate another corner of the lakefront. Mt. Lakes waterfrontThere is truly something for everyone!
The community building houses the Mt. Lakes office upstairs.Community Building at Lakes Downstairs, in the back, there is a snack bar where you can get some lunch or other beach necessities.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Here's where you can find out about our area. Right from each "Horse's Mouth"!

Mountain Lakes is a Recreational Community. There are places to swim (a pool and two beaches), play tennis, canoe, row, paddle boats also, basketball, etc. right within the community. There is a community Lodge which you can reserve for your own parties and gatherings. Wild life abounds, and nature is very much a part of the equation!
We are right on the border of the White Mountains. The Appalachian Trail criss-crosses local highways. Ski areas in the winter are close and among the best in New England. Many of those areas also have summer activities, ranging from Water Slides to Mountain biking (utilizing ski lifts). This is a true tourist destination.
As many of you know, before we retired to Spring Hampston and lived here full time, this house was a rental, vacation home. We rented it to folks every season of the year. It essentially helped pay it's own bills. Mountain Lakes continues to be a Recreational Community with many of the homes available for rent. This house can fill that need again, if wanted.
Restaurants and Inns are close and GOOD. It is always a pleasure to take guests out to eat. We have good choices and can always be assured of fine dining all year round. If you'd prefer hot dogs, or Church Suppers, they are available as well!
Whatever you want, it's here!

So, click on these links and see what's up close by.

Mountain Lakes
Town of Haverhill
Overview of Haverhill
Lower Cohase Chamber of Commerce
Hike the Whites
Appalachian Mountain Club

Ski Areas (which are also active in the summer!)

Cannon Mountain
Loon Mountain
Bretton Woods

For your entertainment enjoyment here are a few other links!
Hopkins Center-Dartmouth College-Hanover
Dartmouth Athletics-Dartmouth College-Hanover
Lincoln Movies
ILEAD-Institute for Lifelong Education At Dartmouth

In case you have need of them, here are some links to more "serious" places!
Cottage Hospital, which is about a 10 minute drive from the house.
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover. About an hour from the house.

Sunday, August 14, 2011



When we move to Kendal, we will be selling our Cessna 182 and our hangar, which is located at Dean Memorial Airport (5B9)in North Haverhill, NH.
Dean is about a 5-10 minute drive from the house.
We will also need only one automobile when we make this move. We will be selling the 2003 Subaru Forester (pictured here). It is in excellent condition, having been pampered and garaged it's entire life.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


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